41st Annual COVD Meeting

The 41st annual COVD meeting is being held in Las Vegas, October 26-29.   Speakers have been from a variety of topical areas including:

Allen Cohen, OD presented a traumatic brain injured lecture titled: “”Top to Bottom”- applying neuroscience to enhance visual therapy procedures for patients with brain filtering deficits”. 

WC Maples presented a excellent lecture on “Infantile Esotropia”. 

Deborah Waber who wrote the book: “Rethinking Learning Disabilities: A developmental perspective” reviewed some of her important research on children with learning issues. 

A prominent world renowned eye movement researcher named Zoi Kapoula from Paris France presented some of her recent research on eye movements and dyslexia. 

The rest of the meeting included updates on the topics of vision and autism, myopia and intermittent exotropia.

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